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Advocates in Rochester respond to the landmark SCOTUS Mifepristone decision



Advocates in Rochester respond to the landmark SCOTUS Mifepristone decision

Rochester, New York – Local supporters of Planned Parenthood of Central and Western New York and Rochester Right to Life responded to the historic Supreme Court of America decision on Thursday that guaranteed access to a routinely used abortion medication.

The FDA is being sued by three states, who claim that the drug Mifepristone violates their state laws and makes it difficult to obtain.

Local Planned Parenthood in Rochester is reportedly relieved, but Rochester Right to Life is dissatisfied with the decision.

A judicial appeal to the F-D-A’s rule on Mifepristone was unanimously dismissed by the Supreme Court, as the opponents of the drug’s use claimed ideological and legal problems.

According to Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s ruling, the plaintiff did not have the necessary legal standing to file the lawsuit and did not provide sufficient evidence to support the claim that the F-D-A’s low regulatory standards would likely result in harm to someone.

The legal case, according to Planned Parenthood of Central and Western New York, was never about safety.

“It has always been part of a concerted effort to ban abortion and abortion access,” said spokesperson Meredith Ouderkirk. “While we’re really pleased with the ruling, we’re frustrated by the process that is happening and these ongoing attacks on care.”

Anne LeBlanc and other pro-life activists were dismayed by the Court’s ruling. LeBlanc mentioned worries about the negative consequences of abortion in general.

“I feel sorry for these women who in most cases are not being told of the risks they are taking and who may be horrified when it happens to them,” said LeBlanc. “It leaves them vulnerable at risk to all sorts of emotional and physical complications that can arise. It doesn’t always but any time you take a risk, it can happen to you.”

Millions of women have taken the medication safely for decades, according to the FDA, and major adverse effects are extremely rare. According to Planned Parenthood, people who are in need would suffer greatly if the medication were banned.

“Medication abortion is a major measure for making sure that patients have access to care,” added Ouderkirk. “It really would have rolled that back for millions of Americans across the country.”

Despite being upset by the outcome, LaBlanc stated Rochester Right to Life will keep pushing for abortion alternatives. Planned Parenthood declared that it will carry on providing patient care.