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Alumni group raises funds for AHS programs in a unique way



The Allentown High School Alumni group, a non-profit organization, has taken the initiative to organize a fundraiser to provide support for AHS student academic and athletic programs, according to Dallas Press News. On May 19, 2023, the founder of the AHS 1980s Alumni group, Scott Trethaway, will take a step forward to spend a day in In-House suspension as a means of raising funds for the alma mater’s students.

Trethaway was once “sentenced” to a day of suspension 35 years ago, owing to a practical joke he played on his graduation day. However, he never served his time, and the Alumni group has arranged for him to “turn himself in” to the Allentown High School Administration for the very first time.

The community is encouraged to join hands with the Alumni group to raise bail funds for Trethaway’s “release,” with all donations going towards AHS student programs. According to the Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Mark Guterl, this is the first time in the high school’s history that an alumni group has taken such an innovative step to support students.

The AHS 1980s non-profit group came into existence in the fall of 2022 with the sole aim of supporting Thomas Falkowski, one of their own. The Class of ’89 was inducted into the AHS Sports Hall of Fame in October during the 2022 Homecoming. This was a significant moment for the Allentown football program, which was on the verge of elimination in the late 1980s. However, the determination, school spirit, and passion of the student body saved the football program, and today, it is holding its own in the overall standings.

With a membership of over 800 people, the AHS 1980s Alumni group is focused on reconnecting and reminiscing. Most of the friendships that formed within the group originated from participating in academic and athletic programs. The group aims to show current AHS students that their programs and the friendships they form can last a lifetime, and they are committed to giving back. “These programs matter, and so do the students,” says Trethaway. “If we can inspire and support both, that’s what we want to do.”

The event’s posters will present Trethaway as “Wanted,” with the words “will hand himself over for bail money.” His picture will be on the poster, which will also indicate the date and time of the fundraiser, taking place at the Allentown High School Administration office. Contributions can be made through Venmo @Redbirds4EverAlumni or PayPal.ME/AHSalumni4ever.

In conclusion, the AHS 1980s Alumni group’s efforts are a true testament to the power of community spirit and dedication to supporting the growth and development of future generations. By taking such a unique approach to raise funds, they have demonstrated that nothing is impossible when we come together to make a positive impact.