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Five people died in Buffalo New Year’s Eve fire, these are their identities



BUFFALO, N.Y. — Aniyah Green, 10, Joelle Liggans, 8, Jalissa Liggans, 7, Denise Keith, 4, and Nehemiah Robinson, 2, were killed in a fire that broke out on Dartmouth Avenue in Buffalo over the holiday weekend.

Lisa Liggans, who is 63 years old, is still in the hospital with second-degree burns, according to the authorities. She is still listed as being in very bad shape. At Oishei, a 7-month-old was treated and sent home.

Investigators say the house had working smoke detectors and that the children’s aunt woke up the grandmother and tried to get the kids out. The baby, who was only 7 months old, was saved by his grandmother.

William Renaldo, who is in charge of the Buffalo Fire Department, says that this is yet another tragedy that his team and the whole city have to deal with.

Renaldo said, “It’s been a hard year, not just for the fire department but for the whole city. There have been a number of deaths and high-profile fires, as well as the mass shooting at Tops and the end of a worldwide pandemic. In my opinion, the last four or five years have been the most difficult in the fire department’s history.

Investigators have found that the fire was caused by an accident. The names of the people who died have not been made public yet.

Monday, Ka’Ron Barnes, a spokesman for the Buffalo Public Schools, where four of the victims went to school, said:

“We are deeply saddened by the heartbreaking tragedy where the lives of five young, innocent children perished in a fire.  Four were enrolled in Buffalo Public Schools. Our deepest condolences and thoughts go out to the family and everyone who knew these lovely children.

Crisis support will be available Tuesday and as long as needed to provide support for all students and staff at the respective schools. The District is reaching out to the family to offer support and will remain respectful of the family’s wishes.”