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Veo is hiring extra employees to handle complaints about e-scooters in Rochester neighborhoods



Rochester, New York – Veo e-bikes and scooters are becoming more and more popular in downtown Rochester, and some neighbors are worried about the scooters being left in their area.

Marion Hunt Robinson wishes to avoid having to wake up to find a pile of VEO e-scooters parked next to her home.

“For me to get up every morning and see them and know that people have to come there to get them and then they are usually thrown down on the floor. I don’t want it for the corner. I don’t want it for this surrounding area,” Robinson said.

Joe Bott, manager of partnerships and policy at Veo, notes that changes will take time as the company grows in Rochester.

“You know, there might be some growing pains as we grow and launch our operations, but I think for people downtown if they have an issue or want to get in touch with us, our contact information is on all of our vehicles,” Bott said.

Veo scooters and e-bikes, which are free to use anywhere in Rochester, are becoming more and more well-liked. Bott explains that Veo is expanding its personnel responsible for scooter collection and customer service by twenty percent.

“Once you speak with our customer service team, they’ll dispatch someone in our operations team to go out and handle whatever issue you are dealing with,” Bott said.

Robinson claims that after learning that the e-bikes and scooters were not run by the city, she took precisely that action.

“I called them and said listen, I’m a homeowner. This is going to cause a problem for me,” Robinson said. The e-bikes were picked up the very next day.

“The person I spoke to, was very apologetic, very nice and he kept saying ‘we are going to take care of it,’” Robinson said. But she hopes that more people decide to use parking areas designed by Veo and out of her neighborhood.

“Wherever the people are going to find a space to gather, sometimes people, they’ll vandalize also. I just don’t want it to continue,” Robinson said.

Veo claims to have already provided ten extra parking spots, all of which are accessible through its app, and it is still assessing the need for more.

Veo is still a fantastic partner, according to city officials, and their method for finding and charging the e-bikes and scooters is quick and easy.